The technology of manufacturing buildings as enabled by prefabrication and pre engineered building construction has led to a major reform in the sector. Through the implementation of this technology, contractors are able to deliver better advantages of cost-effectiveness, unparalleled durability and peak sustainability features from the infrastructural development projects. RBPL is associates with top Steel structure suppliers across the country and has a vast expertise in manufacture of quality construction solutions.


As we move into an era where high paced urbanization is the need of the hour, relying on the traditional building development methods is not feasible. What we require is a viable alternative to conventional construction through which we can suffice the ever-growing demands and needs of ultra-fast infrastructure development. All this can be achieved through the Steel Structure buildings offered by RBPL.


We have some expertise in Industrial Structures like Pipe rack, Utility shed, Parking shed, Chimney, Staircase in Steel Structure, Roofing, Sheeting Etc.